Thursday, May 12, 2011

the full monty: my vida vegan con song contest submission
i'm shameless. i'm funny. here's my submission. i'm hopefully going to this conference. wish me luck, dedicated readers!

kathleen, i hope you have a sense of humor and can understand my submission as nothing but an homage to your body of work.

Vida Vegan Con-(sung to the tune of "Carnival" by Bikini Kill)

This is a song about vegan blogging madness
The "it" event of the year that only the veg heads know about
This is a song about grown adults getting together to discuss nooch, soy, and living gluten free
I wanna go
I wanna go

I wanna go to Vida Vegan Con
But it cost $250 bucks yeah
I wanna go to Vida Vegan Con
And hang out with other vegan bloggers yeah
Blog, Blog, Blog
Blog, Blog, Blog

I'll win that Voodoo Doughnut, if it forking kills me!

Gonna gain 20lbs. while I'm there
Gonna sit in a chair
Recipes and some pie
Feel so good I'm gonna cry
Blog, Blog, Blog
Blog, Blog, Blog

It's in PDX
That's where you'll find me, yeah!


Dawn said...

Your song RULES and I hope you win the ticket so we can hang out (I'll be there)!!! Good luck! P.S. You might enjoy this: Vegan Black Metal Chef. So funny. :-) <3 Dawn (Vegan Fazool blog)

Janna Renee said...

i haven't been to any blog conferences, but i wanna go sooo bad! now that i'm really into it, i think it would be sooo fun!!