Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the bounce back: kitchen sink tapas

i didn't win the coconut bliss contest. dang. i'm a big girl-(sniff sniff). congrats to the winner greenbeane who made a cheesecake with not one, but two flavors of CB. pretty impressive.

i have one more shot at scoring tix. i'm entering jess's contest at get sconed. if i don't get it, then that's it. i'll work to make it happen next year.

nothing brings me outta the funk better than hopping right back on the creative horse and cookin' stuff. my family lives on a super tight budget, so it's not often that i get my hands on fancy things. i scored some spring roll wraps at the food pantry-(and like an idiot, threw away the wrapper without writing down the name), some potatoes from the rabbi, and the rest of the stuff was in my pantry. dang, i wish i could remember what brand they were. i'll have to scan the asian market next time i'm in town. i'm sure they can't be too horribly expensive. cheaper than a pint of CB for sure.

i shall call these dearies kitchen sink tapas. i love those spring roll wraps. you can do so much with them--the possibilities are endless! you could do taste of thai tapas-(tofu/seitan in peanut sauce with carrots/broccoli), cauli n' cheez tapas, sweet tapas-(i'm thinking lots of nuts and agave!), mini pies, s'more tapas, etc.
kitchen sink tapas

you'll need
  • package of vegan spring roll wrappers-(the wheat kind, for frying. check ingredients. you could easily make these GF with the rice ones)
  • can of re fried beans
  • can of rotel tomatoes with green chiles
  • one batch of pine nut crema from tery hope romero's viva vegan!
  • 6-10 roasted red potatoes, cubed
  • kale torn to small shreds *optional and for color only
  • canola oil spray

preheat oven for three fiddy. spray a muffin pan with canola oil and set aside. gently separate spring roll wrappers and fold one at a time into squares. they don't have to be perfect. by themselves they won't sit in each section, but once you spoon the filling in they fit nice n' cozy. fill each in the following order in small spoonfuls: beans, crema, tomato/chile, potato and a little piece of kale. remember kiddos, you want the colors of the ingredients to take front stage, so don't put the crema on last unless that makes you happy. bake for about 28-30 minutes, checking to make sure edges don't burn. please-oh-please-oh please let these cool. THE CONTENTS WILL BE SUPER HOT, so please don't turn your tongue into cork by shoving one in your mouth. the nice thing about the wraps having edges that hang over is that they are a cinch to pull out of the tins.

so what are you waiting for? have fun, try this recipe at your next shindig, and for the love of tapas, stay vegan.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen!! Those look so fancy and so delicious. I wanna do tapas at your house!

planetjenn said...

I have rice ones to use up! Gotta try this! Did you soak the spring roll paper first or do just use out of the package? don't have recipe for the creme but will use the cashew ricotta out of Veganomicon. Should be nummy!

Jen said...

thanks, bianca! @jenn:the spring roll wrappers were the wheat kind, and not rice. you will want to soak them. i believe there is a pine nut cream in veganomicon--look for it w/the moussaka recipe.