Sunday, April 24, 2011

you know you're a foodie when...

...the idea of a sandwich with less than two toppings scares the bejeezus outta ya. i was dreaming about this on the way home: i didn't just want a sandwich, i wanted THIS SANDWICH. focaccia roll? check. vin's marinara sauce? check. smoky roasted eggplant? check. balsamic sauteed red onions and mushrooms? check. now--what am i missing?
every now and then i get a cheesy craving, so i wanted something that would compliment this sandwich. i know one would think a mozzarella sauce would do, but i wanted something to go with those onions and shrooms. i chose the swiss fondue out of the ultimate uncheese cookbook. i know it doesn't seem like it would go with the marinara, but it really did.

the basil sprinkles were for good luck.

1 comment:

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Ha! The only sandwiches I eat with 2 toppings or less are grilled cheeze and pb&j.

Your sammich looks good!