Tuesday, October 19, 2010

rAwR! i'm a dinosaur.

late post, but better late than...wait, did you hear that? what's that sound?
rAwR! it's a dinosaur! i'm so scared. quick tip for the in-a-hurry vegan: most commercial cake mixes can be veganized. just sub that egg for with one of the following- 1/4 c. blended silken tofu, 1T ground flax seeds+3T warm water, 1 super ripe banana, or 1/2 c. applesauce. i am NOT a fan of using applesauce. makes the cake too damned dry. i like silken tofu better. you can always use the tired old NRG egg replacer, but that stuff is just potato starch and tapioca flour. for mixes that call for milk, use your favorite non-dairy version. bOoM! you have a fun vegan cake that you can mangle and try to make look like a ferocious T-rex. this was for my son's birthday party. the animal crackers were vegan too.

cake decorating ain't my strong suit. that's why i make so many cookies.

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