Tuesday, March 3, 2009

leftovertown, population one

no biggie. just a visit from leftovertown. featured is a salad made of bianca's chicken fried tofu on a bed of baby greens with some 'maters n' dressing. the salad dressing was a cinch: store bought salsa and some veganaise. what can i say? sometimes i just don't feel like cooking.

fyi: sometimes i don't have time to post a real food porn pic and entry and will often blather on about a product i like. an example of this is the entry about the dark chocolates. this by no means is a directive to any of you readers. i realize all you purdy peeps are grown up and can think for yourselves.

speaking of thinking for yourself, i have to get this out. sometimes i don't always like the campaigns that a certain animal-rights group comes out with to gain new members. point in case: the sexiest vegetarian award. c'mon PETA: vegans come in all shapes and sizes. sure-sure the contestants are all aesthetically pleasing, but in that very commercial sort of way that markets to the male gaze. for an elastic second, i considered sending them a photo of me making a funny face to make a point, but i don't feel like playing ping-pong with their marketing department.

it took me a long time to come to this conclusion (and this will probably shock my spouse to read my typed words) but I AM BEAUTIFUL and SO ARE YOU. we all have the capacity to be sexy or ugly, and to beat a cliche to death it really is all about who you are on the inside. i have no doubt that some of the winners from that contest are great people, but i don't think looks alone provide a solid enough foundation for sex appeal.

...and then mrs. jen molica was awarded P.I.T.A.V.'s sexiest vegetarian award!
(Pain In The Ass Vegan)


pixiepine said...


The Voracious Vegan said...

HELL YEAH! Vegan feminist patriarchy bashing snarky redheads unite!

I am LOVING your blog! Seriously, I'm just reading through it all.

And can I just say....I can't believe I have never thought to combine salsa with veganaisse but now that you've put the thought into my head I can't wait to try it!

miss v said...

um, i can i be second-runner up, or just at least a nominee?

Susan G said...

I like the product reviews because I get sick of wasting money on awful tasting crap!

Chef E said...

Oh and we both have red hair, go figure! Are you scotch-irish too? :)