Thursday, October 2, 2008

(sung to the Klondike jingle)-what would you pay for a vegan shake?

the price i paid for my vegan milkshake was a crime AND it didn't even look this good!

okay, okay--to clarify, the "favorite vegans" entry was dated as Sept. 30th, but didn't get posted until Oct. 1st, so technically that's my first post for Vegan MOFO. what is Vegan MOFO, you ask? it is the vegan M onth O f FO od. here's the scoop: peeps keepin' vegan blogs post daily about food, or in my case about everything vegan. don't worry, i'm fixin' to post a plenty about food--i just like talking about other stuff too.

one day my spouse suggested that i treat myself to a vegan shake at Roots, b-town's exclusively vegetarian restaurant. sooooo, answer my question: what would you pay for a vegan shake? more than $5? well, i paid more than the aforementioned price for a rather average vegan shake. i didn't know it was going to cost that much. i'm a very broke ass vegan (and a jew to boot), so i love bargains--and had i been properly informed of the price of the shake, i would have said a big fat "NO!" it was $6.37. here's some more info that made me cry: it was kiddie sized, and the very complicated recipe was soy delicious and soy milk--no fun chocolate syrup was added!
for the cost of the shake, i could have purchased a pint of soy delicious and a container of soy milk and made a metric buttload of vegan shakes that would bring all the boys, girls, and third sexed people to the yard. the chick who made it took way too long, and the restaurant was dead. i used to be a waitress and understand how important it is to tip--but i was so mad i didn't tip. to some vegans this could be considered cruelty to another animal, but don't you think the price of that shake was cruel? i'll still eat there if i get the hankering for their chicken fried seitan-(which is awesome), but you can bet your tuchus that i will not be ordering me a shake.
Vegan MOFO assignment: tell me about your worst vegan rip off. this can be a dining experience or an item you purchased at the store or online.


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Worst vegan rip-off would definitely have to be the onetime I bought hep nut butter. I didn't even realize it was $30 until I got home!!! Seriously, why so expensive?! And then I tasted it, and it was DISGUSTING!

But the story has a happy ending: turns out the hemp butter had expired like a week before I bought it. So I was able to bring it back and get a full refund. Phew.

Chelsea said...

I feel you on this! I'm a thrifty person, and I just get totally irked at stuff like that! I think my biggest vegan rip-off ever was the Sheese cream cheese. It was like $8 and not even as good as Tofutti! I made up for it though, by eating probably 30 samples of Sheese at Vegfest :)

Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

Hmmm... any time I ask for a salad or dish "minus the meat" and am still charged the "with meat" price!