Thursday, October 9, 2008

yum kippur

am i just torturing myself by blogging about food on yom kippur? probably. i actually like to call it "yum" kippur because after not eating all day to atone for my sins everything tastes really good and i eat like i've never seen food before. actually, i'm doing a modified fast. i'm drinking water and soy milk because i'm nursing and need some sustenance.

anyway, this post isn't about the's about the feasting. specifically eating dessert for breakfast. MOFO assignment: have you eaten dessert in place of a meal? sure i know it's not nutritionally sound to have decadent persimmon pudding topped with vanilla soy delicious for breakfast, but i don't think it's any different than eating a couple of doughnuts, pop tarts, or a big stack o' pancakes drowned in maple syrup. i don't do it all the time, just most of the time. i'm surprised i'm not diabetic.

i'll post the recipe later with some info on persimmons. for now, look at the pretty.


Anonymous said...

I don't ever recall having dessert for breakfast but, growing up, we would have breakfast for dinner all the time. Our favorite was chocolate chip pancakes. Yum!

Robyn said...

Then I'm torturing myself by reading about your food on Yom Kippur!
I have had dessert as a meal, and the theory was stolen from Jack Kerouac's On the Road.
He ate apple pie across country.
AS a veg, I have resorted to a dessert instead of a wilty salad at a truckstop.

Bianca said...

I confess. I've done it. But you know, I always feel okay about it because instead of having 3 meals and dessert, I'm replacing breakfast calories with those dessert calories...kinda evens out.

Anonymous said...