Saturday, October 4, 2008

moo-ha-da-ra what?

i think the spelling is moujadara. i suspect the pronunciation is moo-HA-dar-ah, but i could be wrong seeing that i'm as honky as they come. ANYway, the recipe is simple: seasoned lentils over a bed with basmati rice, and topped with super delish caramelized onions. fucking amazing. i could eat this every day. (using Sarah Palin voice) and also it gives you really spectacular farts.

MOFO question: how do you caramelize your onions? i'm not speaking in euphemisms either. i slice the onion in half, make sure the slices are in strings and rings-(not diced), saute them in a nice little bath of olive oil, and once clear i CHEAT by adding a spritz of balsamic vinegar and just a pinch of turbinado to make them gloriously brown and super sweet.


Chelsea said...

I love majadra (that's how my fave Lebanese place spells it)! I've never noticed my farts being any more spectacular than usual after eating it, though, but maybe I'm not eating enough of it! I'll get on that :)

P.S. As far as caramelizing onions, I tried once and just burnt them, so the hubby's in charge of that now.

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to try this dish - no matter how it's spelled!

I caramelize my onions the same way as you up until the balsamic and turbinado. I'm trying that next time, though!

I hate onions caramelized in butter. Ick.