Wednesday, October 29, 2008

it's pot pie season!

i was raised on a cornucopia of processed foods, and one of those foods was the pot pie. back then i think you could get 5 for $1. we'd pick our pies, carve our initials in the frozen crust, stick them in the oven, wait for what seemed like forever for them to cook, then screamed as our taste buds were burned off by the lava hot contents. good times!

this week was lazy week at our home and i needed some vegan frozen items for lunches. since it's getting colder outside, i felt it was appropriate pot pie weather. i saw some amy's dinners on sale at kroger's and picked this one just to eat and review it for the blog. like so many of amy's dinners i found it to be adequate. the crust is whole wheat, but dry. IMO, if you're gonna eat a pot pie, the crust should be nice and full of buttery-like-flaky goodness. not so here. the insides were good and needed no salt. it was satisfying, but not so awesome that i'd want to purchase it again. it just made me want to make one myself!
the second item in my lunch was a goodbelly shot. i scored two 4 packs at the food bank. i was excited to find a pro biotic drink that contained no dairy! i believe they are also allergen free as well. i have the blueberry acai and the strawberry rose hip flavor. the blueberry was nice and tart. i haven't tried the strawberry one just yet. the containers are tiny--just little plastic shot glasses of digestive health, which is a nice alternative to grabbing a cookie, which sadly i'm usually inclined to do.
i have no pictures for this third review, but kashi has added another vegan meal to their frozen food line. the rancheros beans were yummy and filling and make a nice to-go item if you're someone who doesn't have time to cook. we bought this one on sale too. i would never buy any of these items at the regular's just too expensive!
MOFO question: excuse me if i'm repeating myself, but what are your favorite frozen quick fixes?


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Amy's Mexican Tamale Pies, frozen fruit, and anything I've made in bulk and frozen for a "rainy" day (like stir fries)

GoodBellyBrett said...

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Susan G said...

I love Amy's veggie lentil loaf - that sort of tomatoey gravy is the best! Also Trader Joe's veggie pizza, which I believe is the same as Amy's but half the price.

Anonymous said...

I've had several frozen meals this week since I've had no kitchen to cook from! Yesterday was an Amy's burrito and the day before was Amy's tofu and brown rice bowl. They're both just okay, but they were on sale, vegan, and I was hungry.

Goodbelly is awesome!

Bianca said...

I like the Amy's pot pies okay, but I'm in love with the Amy's Rice Crust vegan pizza. The only problem is its like 30 grams a fat for a tiny personal pan pizza.

I also like to freeze single serving portions of big meals I make to heat up later.

Chelsea said...

I agree with Susan - the differently packaged Amy's vegan pizza at TJ's is a great deal (just add some nooch!), but other than tater tots which I can eat on any occasion, I'm not too into frozen stuff. For quick meals, I love the Tasty Bites ($2 at TJ's) on top of rice or quinoa. Just add onions and hotsauce!