Friday, October 24, 2008

where can you find vegans?

no, angela lansbury isn't a vegan...but she's gonna help us solve a mystery!

after my accidental potluck post, chocolate covered vegan presented me with an interesting question: where can you find other vegans when most of your friends are omni? fear not, armed with this autographed picture of ms. lansbury, i can help!

1) women's music festivals. especially if the word woman is spelled as "womyn". point in case: michigan womyn's music festival. they only fix vegetarian food and have vegan options. i don't go to that festival any more because they have a really stupid policy that only allows you to attend if you are a "womyn born womyn", which means that you have to be born with the "proper" female equipment, if you catch my drift. i am a biological woman, but have many friends who are not and don't think that is fair at all, so i protest with my pocketbook.

2) speaking of protests, that's another place you can find vegans. think about it: the world bank, the RNC, anywhere good ol' humanist hippie gutter punk protesters are, there's bound to be vegan vittles. if you don't feel like cleaning your plate, you can throw your leftovers to the po-po.

3) college towns. live near one? there's always a vegan constituent there. try looking for the campus animal rights group.

4) anarchist or GLBTQ bookstores

5) a potluck at a unitarian universalist church or a reform synagogue: there are so many people at these places with obscure food allergies everything is labeled and you will find something meat, egg, and dairy free. my synagogue only allows kosher vegetarian/vegan food because it's easier to observe the laws of kashrut that way.
6) the city of portland, OR is one giant vegan. i haven't made it to mecca yet. shame, shame, shame on ME!
so there you go. if you're vegan, chances are you already know this stuff. if you aren't then happy hunting!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

My college campus has a group called PETA. Think you know what it stands for? Think again! Sadly, here in Texas, PETA stands for "People eating tasty animals."

Is that disgusting, or what?! But luckily I have at least met a few vegetarians! Compassionate people DO exist in Texas!

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for Vegans just head to Portland. Eugene has a lot of Vegans. University of Oregon is here so that could have a lot to do with it,but Eugene in General is vair alternative.

So you can find other Vegans pretty much anywhere in towns like this. especially if you go to a place with a lot of Vegan options or better yet 100% vegan places :)

Chelsea said...

"Portland, OR is one giant vegan" hahahahahahahahah awesome!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that policy about womyn born womyn! That's ridiculous. Why the discrimination? It doesn't make any sense to me.