Monday, October 6, 2008

my dream kitchens

i've posted pics of my simpson's themed kitchen in an older post and thought i would dedicate this entry to my dream kitchens. now that my love for cooking has been rekindled, i'm finding that i want a NEW kitchen. that's not gonna happen for some time, but these pictures really inspired me!
i liked the yellow/purple futuristic kitchen, but i don't think there's enough counter space, and the island in the middle would not fly in our home. the baby can walk now and would break anything he could get a hold of! in the middle pic, i would love one of those ovens that are built into the wall, preferably two of them. counter space is really important to me, so i think the most important feature would be counter space, which is why the last picture rules so hard. sure the kitchen looks like it's straight outta santa's acid trippin' workshop, but i don't really care.
MOFO assignment: tell me about your dream kitchen. aside from being clean, what do you want in yours? in a perfect world it would come complete with a isa robot that would do all the cooking for me. realistically, i'd be happier with some more storage/counter space. i would also like the following appliances: george foreman grill, dehydrator, food mill, new set of knives, a peeler that actually peels, a pasta mill, and a hand blender.


Chelsea said...

Aside from being clean? You read my mind! My kitchen is only 9x7, so far starters, it would be bigger! I also would like brightly painted walls. Though I love original cupboards and all that, our counters and sink are really short for me. Oh, non-linoleum flooring! That stuff is a bitch to keep clean. A dishwasher would be nice. And a back door attached to it that leads to my worm bin and recycling. I am so tired of taking the garbage and recycling down 2 flights of stairs... and an old-fashioned stove would be sweet!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Yes!!! A robot that would cook for me!!! Or better yet, a handsome man ;o)

VeganCowGirl said...

They all look great!

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your comment about grief - it was so amazing of you to share such a wonderful bit of writing with me. Thank you.

Nicole said...

Great post idea!