Monday, September 29, 2008

my favorite vegans (in no particular order)

john s. hall, poet- i LOVE his work. most people are familiar with king missle's song "detachable penis", although i like many of his pieces. some of my favorites are, "the commercial", "jesus was way cool", "a little restraint", and "take stuff from work".
bif naked-the weird thing is i'm not a huge fan of her music. maybe it's because i have a nerdy girl crush on her. my other favorite vegan grrrls are isa chandra moskowitz and sarah kramer.

YOU! that's right, I LOVE YOU just the way you are. Just by you being vegan, you're one of my favorites, unless you're a vegan douche bag*.
*a vegan douche bag is a vegan who alienates others for not being vegan or vegan enough and enjoys pointing out how something isn't vegan. they typically enjoy smelling their own farts because they are so smug.

billy west, the voice of stimpy from ren & stimpy, and phillip j. frye on futurama. i didn't even know he was vegan until i searched "famous vegans".

weird al yankovic- sure he sings about all kinds of food, mostly non-vegan, but he's a vegan! in addition to his eating habits, i have a soft spot for curly haired dorks who wear tropical print shirts.


Anonymous said...

The only famous vegan I know of is Alicia Silverstone. I'd be interested to know who else is vegan.

I love Weird Al.

Bianca said...

I didn't know Weird Al was vegan! That's awesome! It's so cool when you find out someone is vegan that didn't know was's like you belong to some secret club together.

Also, I hate vegan douche bags too. I have this one friend who loves to try and tell me I'm not really vegan cause sometimes when I'm in a restaurant, I'll eat bread that may contain honey. Oooh, that pisses me off! And he's not even vegan ... just vegetarian.

kittee said...

Yay, I love the Vegan Love.