Wednesday, September 10, 2008

welcome to VHOP

welcome to the vegan house of pancakes-(VHOP). what are the specials, you ask? pictured above are the chocolate chocolate chip pancakes from VWAV, topped with fresh peach slices and maple syrup. i do admit, the concoction sounds a bit odd, but fruit+chocolate=happy, just trust me, okay? they were made with whole wheat pastry flour to be on the healthy side.
these gems are coconut pancakes with pineapple sauce, also from the book VWAV. i felt as if i had been transported to a fancy schmancy hawaiian resort sitting on the balcony in my grass skirt and coconut bra, looking at the ocean, and nomming these faboo flapjacks. i used fresh pineapple to make the sauce and added some shredded coconut on top for presentation.

the best part was knowing that i made these all by myself and no animals were harmed in making or eating these magnificent pancakes. well maybe the dog was jealous, but can you blame her?


Bianca said...

Ooh, reserve me a table! I love vegan pancakes! I haven't tried either of those recipes but I must...especially the coconut ones.

On the beer beans, the alcohol does bake out. It still has a faint beer-ish taste but unfortunately, they won't get you drunk (well, that's a good thing for you since you don't drink...bad thing for me).

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

oh man, why haven't I made pancakes in months? looks great!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those VWAV pancakes - they are the best!

I only wish that a VHOP actually existed...