Friday, September 5, 2008

buffalo seitan salad

i love a good summer salad. and since summer=hot as hell, what makes the hellish environment more bearable than good ol' seitan? this photo was taken mid-summer after i had harvested some greens from my garden. i topped the lettuces with buffalo seitan and garnished with marigold leaves and vegan bleu cheese dressing. the dressing was a big ol' fail, but it sure looked pretty!

buffalo seitan is super easy to make. take some seitan, earth balance, frank's red hot, and add some chili sesame oil and some crushed garlic for good measure. it certainly ain't no health food, but the lettuces should take care of that....right?!?!?!

btw, this tastes great with a frosty root beer-(or ginger ale if you're chelsea.)


Anonymous said...

Sorry the dressing didn't work out like you hoped, but the buffalo seitan sounds incredible!

VeganCowGirl said...

I can't believe it is hot where you are....well, ok, I can believe it, but it is so far from my 'end of the summer reality' that I find it hard to relate (in Brussels today: ummm 11 degress and pouring rain)

The salad looks great!

jelymo said...

i made an even better batch of buffalo seitan this past weekend served pub style with vegan ranch and celery stix.