Monday, September 8, 2008

what about breakfast?

this will be a series in fabulous vegan food porn pics. many people ask me, "what does a vegan do about breakfast?" i answer, "eat like anyone else." actually, us veg heads eat better because we're not likely to have a massive coronary from eating tons of animal products. pictured here is fronch toast, peach slices, and tempeh bacon from VWAV. i made adjustments to the fronch toast and use an eggless mixture of soy creamer, vanilla, and overripe bananas. it makes an unbelievably gooey dip for the dry bread and browns much better than real french toast. the banana also gives it a nice sweet flavor that makes the toast edible without (gasp!) syrup. the tempeh bacon is crispy and smoky--i could easily eat an entire package. my VERY omni husband even liked this breakfast!


Anonymous said...

What a funny question for someone to ask you about breakfast. I think it's the easiest meal to eat vegan. We almost always just eat some cereal with almond or soy milk.

I love the french toast you made. The banana idea is great, too! I've got some decrepit bananas in the fridge right now that would work perfectly for this recipe.

jelymo said...

i think omnis assume that the only thing vegans eat for breakfast is granola.