Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to Keep People from Stealing Your Precious Food

I know this isn't the best advertising for veganism, because let's face it--I don't cook shitty food. My meals are delicious. So delicious, that I have noticed people stealing things once in a blue moon. This makes me sad because there's not much I can eat at work and I end up sulking while eating a stale pb&j wondering what the hell happened to my meal. Why do people do that? Out of curiosity? Out of spite? Who the heck knows. If you have a thief in the office, protect your precious noshlings by clearly labeling it as vegan. It's an instant security button. No omni in their right mind will take it, and you can eat your meal in peace.


Bianca said...

Ha ha! We used to have a food thief, but I'm assuming that mysterious person has moved on because it doesn't happen anymore. Thankfully, they always stole meat though.

Lauren said...

This gave me a pretty big chuckle! Pretty good way to stop a thief. Unless they're aware of your cooking prowess..

Lydia said...

That's a great idea! I was always afraid someone would steal my food.. If that fear persists, I will have to do this some day!