Tuesday, February 8, 2011

moments that make me feel like a superstar

i can't deny it. it's a pretty rad thing to see a popular vegan blogger plug something i made. bianca, thanks a ton for mentioning the-one-and-only-very-holy-diablo-dog in your blog. you have made me an extremely proud blogger.

now, onto the tacos. the first book i bought for my kindle was appetite for reduction by mizz thang o' thang, isa chandra. i am not a low fat foodie, oh hell no. hear me out fellow fat lovers: this book is NOT A DIET BOOK. as aforementioned, this is a whole foods cookbook that was made for isa by isa--she just decided to share it with the rest of the world. lucky us, right?

i like that there aren't any recipes that call for incredibly obscure ingredients or a ton of fake meats. i like a good commercially produced item every now and then, but that can get expensive and taxing on the environment. not only does AFR focus on whole, but the recipes are darned tasty, and **FAST**! hey you, scarfing that meal over the sink. do you hear me? today's photos are of the black bean and squash tacos with lemon garlic yogurt sauce.

i wasn't sure about the recipe at first. i've had squash in my mexican food before--but never kalamata olives. as i was putting this together, i thought, okay isa. whatever you say. i think this won't work!

BUT IT DOES, it so does work. that lemony garlic vegan yogurt sauce? ties the room together, totally. hot and spicy squelched by cool and lemony. i sliced some avocado on there because i didn't have a side to serve with the tacos. i had to throw some cilantro in the sauce as well, so isa darling-(i write this as if isa reads my blog, guffaw!) please don't hate me for soiling a recipe with my incessant need for cilantro. the sauce makes a nice dip for veggies.
peek-a-boo! i see you you black beans, making my digestive system all healthy.


are you a kindle/nook/other electronic reader owner that wants a homemade, vegan, colorful, and fun cozy for your portable reading device? look no further. you see, i've been making such items and will have them for sale in just TWO WEEKS from TODAY on ETSY. so please, tell your friends. now that i'm working part-time, i need a little oomph to help my family's budget, and so i can go to vida vegan con. if you haven't heard about it, shame on you. it's a festival of vegan bloggers meeting in august, where we'll exchange ideas, get to pick doughnuts from trees, shake hands with bob barker, and make other vegan dreams come true. i have no idea how i'll financially swing this, but i am going to go hell or high water. that's why i decided to start crafting like crazy. for your viewing pleasure is a pic of one that i recently made for my co-worker's lady friend:


IsaChandra said...

Ha, I totally just read your blog! Thanks for the nice review and for mentioning in bold that it isn't a diet cookbook.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

DUDE, Isa read your blog! Too funny. I've never tried those tacos, so I'm adding them to my list.