Wednesday, August 13, 2008

the nosh pit

this piece of food porn was an experiment. i took a recipe for vegan s'more brownies, and improvised adding bananas to the batter instead of applesauce to make it moister. i know applesauce can be used as a vegan egg in baking, but i think it tends to make things dense and dry, and there's nothing worse than a dry brownie. instead of baking it in a pan, i made individual s'more brownie cupcakes. if things are in pan form i can easily eat an entire pan, but if i make small portions, vin and i tend to eat them slower. i know it doesn't make sense, but i don't make a whole lotta sense. anyway-- even though i used the bananas, i found the brownie/graham cracker crust combo to be a bit dry for my taste so i HAD to top the whole thing off with a generous scoop of chocolate soy delicious and some vegan marshmallow topping. i had a total foodgasm as i reminisced of sitting around a campfire.

i love me some food talk, but i kinda get highly irritated when i hear RR's sentiment of "yum-o!" c'mon, is that all you have? i don't like "yummers!" either. i need to invent my own food oreinted expletive i guess. my husband used to love her, but something happened and he became full of rage overnight, saying that she was too intense, blathering on how she sounded like a methed out chain smokin' lezzie gym teacher. i happen to be fond of lezzie gym teachers, but whatev.

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