Monday, October 12, 2009

tofu eatin' zombies! vegan MOFO day 12

i thought i'd dedicate this entry to my favorite vegan/vegetarian athletes: the tofu eating zombies! i volunteer once a month for our local roller derby bouts as an EMT. i work with two other medics, we get into the bouts for free, and pray to the tofu gods/goddesses that no one gets hurt! this saturday's match was the "monster mash up: monsters vs. zombies". there are a few vegan/vegetarian roller derby dames and i want to give them some big veggie props! you can learn more about btown's hot derby action here. the women of roller derby work very, very hard. a minimum of 7 hours a week is required for practice, followed by hefty service commitments of coaching, clean up, public information outreach, philanthropy, etc. at the bout, the BHRG awarded a check for $2,000 to the deep roots animal sanctuary. yay!
tiger beat--everyone has a crush on tiger beat. you'd be stupid not to, because TB is so gnawdorable, nom-nom-nom. TB is noshing on a mock egg salad (or is it tempeh "chicken"?) sammich from our local co-op.

playing for the "monster" side is the Unicoroner--#4 hooves under. i adore her. i expected her to be a monster unicorn this bout, but she chose to dress up like a bee instead. she really knows how to sting her opponents!
party foul will pass on the brains and happily eat a trail mix bar instead when tofu can't be found. grrrrrr! she was mentioned in an issue of veg news this past year which i thought was pretty cool.
my favorite rookie this year is Terror d' Bits. this zombie moves faster than the ones in the dawn of the dead remake. i mean really, really fast. she can skate circles around the track and the other jammer won't even know what hit her. her boyfriend is the infamous lord seitan, a referee who has a seitan recipe i swear by. i tried to get my picture taken with him, but the person who took the photo didn't know what they were doing. i cried a little.
and i cried a little after trying this here red curry tofu from the local co-op. i had been really craving some red curry and thought this would be awesome, but it was really sub-par. there wasn't even a hint of curry flavor in this.
and it doesn't even look that great! i ate it because i hate to waste food. to boot, i had onion-y breath that kept all zombies, monsters, and other halloween related creatures far away from me for the rest of the bout.


pixiepine said...

Fun fun!!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

So badass!

miss v said...

what a fun derby! i'm love the theme!

and i hate when things give me oniony breath. seriously. it always happens at the worst times.

Anonymous said...

:) vegan derby peeps heart you right back!