Monday, October 26, 2009

new take on an old tradition, vegan mofo day #26

no kids, i'm not gonna preach about how awesome it is to bake cookie dough in muffin tins so you get a super thick monster cookie cup. i'm gonna tell you that i tried olivia's chocolate chip cookie recipe from fairly odd tofu mom's blog. yummy! i made one alteration for the sake of experimentation in gluten free cooking: i subbed chickpea flour. the results? good--a hint of beany flavor, but otherwise great. am i GF now? no, i just have friends who do that and i wanted to see if that flour translated well in the recipe. if i make ol' olivia's recipe el futuro, i'm sure to use the standard ww flour.

since that cookie making experiment took place last week, i've tried a couple other recipes that used besan flour that worked much better. i'll post that entry tomorrow.

mofo question: have you ever made something for a GF friend? what flour did you use? what was the recipe? how did it work out?

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Eddie G said...

I'm GF-baking challenged! Even those recipes in Babycakes are way over my head :/