Thursday, February 5, 2009

pardon the dust

this is an old photo, before my camera died in december. we have a baked potato, soy sour cream, fakin' bacon bitz, a chickpea salad with napa cabbage, and some roasted daikon radishes and apples. it was a mixed plate for sure, but i was a hungry-hungry hippo and wanted a little bit of everything.

we're going through a major freezer and pantry purge, and i've been sick. i haven't been a rockstar in the kitchen this week. on monday i did make some pumpkin cheezcake squares from kittee's cookzine papa tofu. i'll post those soon.

here's what i have in the freezer:
lots of frozen homemade meals-soup, lasagna, etc.
roasted pumpkin
firm tofu
chipotle peppers
3 pepper blend
persimmon pulp
various kinds of tortillas
cilantro pesto
white beans

pantry items:
tomato sauce
kidney beans
black beans
no-chicken stock

any suggestions for meals? i'm thinking of making the chelsea-(dedicated to chelsea) which is a layered casserole of tortillas, rice, corn, and beans topped with salsa, soy sour cream, and cheez sauce.


pixiepine said...

seitan fajitas!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Oh no, feel better!!!

And to answer your question: I seriously don’t know how these companies find me! But I’m glad they do!

Bianca said...

You could make some chili with all those beans and tomato sauce!

I'm attempting a purge too, but I keep adding more stuff in....I feel like I have to stockpile for the economic meltdown or something.

Vinnie said...

My stomach growls at the thought of buffalo seitan, but seitan fajitas do sound awfully good. My stomach is torn!

Chelsea said...

I vote for the Chelsea!!! And some chili served over rice.

Hope you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Green cilantro rice, Chipotle Seitan with Corn dressing? :) I live for chipotles