Tuesday, February 24, 2009

happy mardi-gRAW

i've never been a huge fan of mardi-gras. don't get me wrong, i love me some greezy food every now and then, but i have a huge aversion to being around large populations of obnoxious drunkards. some people love to partay, but i'm kind of a fuddy duddy when it comes to gettin' jiggy with it. i don't think i'm agoraphobic; i'd just rather curl up with a good book or play a game of scrabble with a few friends.
so i'm gonna go opposite of the fried food parade and eat mostly raw today, in honor of mardi-gRAW. many of my fellow vegan blog buds have really been talkin' up the raw food thing, and i'm diggin' it. i just don't have the time or resources to do the raw thing very often. i don't think i'd ever go completely 100% that way, but i've been trying to find ways to incorporate more raw foods into my diet. my biggest complaint is how hungry i feel when i eat raw all day. how do you guys do this? technically speaking, i don't truly observe the mardi-gras holiday anyway. us jews have our own fried food holiday--chanukkah.
then i discovered these babies. made by the organic food bar inc. these are a nice change of pace from a lara bar. so far i've tried the chocolatey chocolate chip and the fiber chocolate delite (which has an amazing 14g of fiber compared to the 2g in the regular bar).
as far as flavor goes, they're good--but i must admit i like larabars better. for example, the raw organic bars are very sticky and i was worried that i'd wreck my orthodontia at one point, but nothing happened. i think the fiber chocolate delite would be very good if it were rolled out using a rolling pin to make a thin sheet to wrap around apple slices: raw candy apples--YUM! i'll have to try that next time.
price-wise, they are 25 cents cheaper than larabars. i managed to get a couple on clearance at kroger's for 79 cents and you really can't beat that for an organic raw product. another plus: i've never seen a lara bar that can beat the fiber content of the fiber chocolate delite. 14 gs=awesome. they have a kid's line too, and i'm really curious about those! and they have a really cool contest going on about sharing your story in exchange for a phat trip. i'm all ova that!

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pixiepine said...

I am fully in agreement on hating giant loud social celebrations. Small party, yes please, but I can do without parades and the like.

I have found that starting the day with a smoothie (on the cheap when made with frozen fruit, soymilk/water, ice, and some flax seed; or upscale with some fresh fruit, green foods powder, spinach, homemade almond milk, etc.)makes all the difference when I am eating raw. The smoothies fill me up and I have no hunger issues all day.

I think about raw in terms of budget too, because a cart full of produce adds up. Big green salads and the less glamourous fruits and veggies are just as good as big fancy raw meals to me, and that helps.