Sunday, February 15, 2009

birthday yum-yum part one

this is just one of a couple entries about how i spent my birthday. the pizza is from max's place, a pizza joint that's been open for a couple of years. i had no idea they offered vegan cheeze on pizza! i ordered mine with said cheeze, sun dried tomatoes, and artichoke hearts.
here's how you know i've really made it to the other side of veganland: i thought they put too much cheez on the pizza. it masked the beautiful flavors of the tomatoes and artichokes. i never thought i wouldn't like cheez. i mean, i do--i just find it unnecessary at times. in my pregan days, i was a total ranch slut and cheeze ho. no wonder i couldn't taste anything. if you find yourself at max's just let 'em know you want light cheez. unless, you like it like that. no worries, i don't fault you for it.
there i am, talkin' to mahself, wearing my birthday t-shirt from t-shirt hell. it's two pez dispensers making out and it says "pezbians" on the bottom.


Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday, Jen!!! Awesome that you found vegan pizza, but I agree - that looks like way too much cheese! Nice shirt by the way! And I didn't know you have so many tattoos... there was a shop here doing free Vday related tattoos, but I chickened out because I was worried about bug ink. And that they'd be lame! haha

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Happy Birthday!
I'm with you- that looks like cheeze overload, but I love your choice of toppings.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the cheese overload, at least they had a vegan option!

Sal said...

happy belated birthday!!

I love t-shirt hell! I used to get their newsletter, I loved all the hate mail and the editor's response to it. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...


Mari said...

Happy B-day Jen!