Friday, February 6, 2009

made on monday, gone by friday

yeah, the title of this entry says it all. most of the time i make one major dessert a week and freeze half of the recipe so we can nom on it later. this poor pan never made it to freezer land. one rule i live by: i NEVER skip dessert, even if it's an apple or a cup of hot cocoa. life is too short to not have a little sweetie at the end of the day. or in this case it would be for breakfast and the end of the day.

these are the pumpkin cheezcake squares from kittee's zine papa tofu. let's just say my spouse had two servings and i had four or five from monday to friday. pretty pathetic, eh? i'd rather say pretty pumpkiny awesome.

this is a perfect fall or winter dessert. the recipe calls for applesauce--i didn't have any around, so i pureed some pears that i had in the freezer. it tasted just fine.


Anonymous said...

Must. Have. Cheesecake.

I never skip dessert either! But usually mine is an apple or something small.

Jenn said...

Oh, yum. I just got the Papa Tofu, so I'll have to try it. It looks lovely!

Chelsea said...

You know, I eat dark chocolate here and there, but I rarely eat dessert. I'll have to work on that! Yours looks perfect!

miss v said...

i like the idea of using pears instead of applesauce! i might have to try that in a few of my recipes for a different spin on things.