Monday, February 16, 2009

birthday yum-yum parte dos

on the day before my birthday, my department made me some vegan treats. featured above are chocolate chip cookies from vegan planet and a mixed bean salad. the salad had pintos, great northerns, black beans, red onions, red peppers, spanish olives, capers tossed in a vinegarette dressing. it was awesome. the cookies were very hard, so i had to dunk them in tea to soften them up so i wouldn't wreck my orthodontia. BTW: i gave the mochi to my supervisor for that very reason. i just can't bring myself to trash 5 grand worth of dental work. after those puppies come off i'll probably dine on giant rocks. are rocks vegan? guffaw.
now for the birthday lunch on my actual birthday: we went to samira , an afghani restaurant on the square for the lunch buffet. i hadn't gone there since becoming vegan because i wasn't sure if they used butter in their vegetarian dishes. my vin called ahead and got the clear. they only use butter and honey in the baklava. featured above is spiced rice, a stew with potatoes and okra, yellow dal, and fresh cucumber salad.


Anonymous said...

Happy B-day! Looks like it was a tasty one :)

Andrea said...

ooo... the Afghani food looks delicious! Can you post the information on the restaurant on RawPeople? I have friends who are looking for vegan alternatives, and i think they'll like to know about the restaurant. Thanks!
oh, Happy Birthday!

Bianca said...

Happy birthday! And I didn't think about your braces when you mentioned the mochi. It's pretty darn chewy, so you probably did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Everything looks so perfect!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I swore I would never like beets (just like capers, which I still don't like). But, for some reason, not sure if it's this brand, or the dressing on them, they were heavenly. Here's the brand info: