Monday, November 17, 2008

yay for carbs!

at work the first friday of the month is 'free food friday' and the company buys everyone lunch. this last friday's lunch was from bucetto's. i ordered the greek calzone (olives, peppers, red onions, and spinach) sans feta. the thing was huge! so big, that it didn't fit in the frame of the photo. it was carberific. it was the size of one of my butt cheeks.
this got me thinking. it seems most ethnic cuisines have their own versions of the hot pocket. i realized that thought process was pretty arrogant, flipped that thought around, and figured that no, it was america that bastardized really awesome cuisine by making the hot pocket.
question: what's your favorite portable food?
ps: thanks for all the commenting love. after discussing this debacle with my spouse, i probably won't go over each and every entry to find all the hot links-(between all 3 of my blogs that would be a TON of work), i'll just quit doing it. again, i didn't know what i was doing was wrong.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's not the most portable of foods, but I will often take a peanut butter sandwich in a reusable container whenever I'm going somewhere where there won't be food. Without the container, it's not that portable unless you want a mushy sandwich in your bag.

Joanna said...

haha a calzone the size of a buttcheek!?!?!? that is huge, but i guess it depends how big your butt is. either way, it was probably amazing. i love anything that has dough in it.

Anonymous said...

He He! Vegan sausage rolls and bananas are my tavelling food of choice.
I've never had a calzone though, never mind one the size of my butt cheek! >:o)

Bianca said...

Oh yumm-ness! I actually just put my hand on one of my butt cheeks to get an idea of how big this is...assuming we have the same size ass, that's one big ass calzone! Sweet!

My favorite pocket is probably the samosa. The combo of peas and potatoes is delish, but the perogie is pretty darn good too...anything with potatoes really. Talk about carbarific!

Thanks for your kind words about my break-in. It sucks but the blogging community support has really helped. I don't even know what I'd do without you guys...

Chelsea said...

The size of a butt cheek! I'm still laughing! So... I think my favorite portable food would also be a samosa. I just love chutney! I went to an Indian veg cafe in Vancouver BC last year, and they had like 5 different vegan samosas! I was in heaven :)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Carbs! My favorite! Seriously, why would anyone go on Atkins?!

Mari said...

I vote for samosas.

It is my understanding that you're welcome to go to tryouts without having been to any of the skills camps, but bear in mind that the other girls have been practicing specifically since the camps.

I believe that I may be allowed to skate again starting tomorrow (fingers crossed). I will be going to the rink ASAP and you are welcome to join me.

Yes, I get to skate with the Grand Raggidy Rollergirls next year; they're a fantastic WFTDA league and I'm very excited.