Thursday, November 20, 2008

triple whipple whoops!

hey P.I.T.A.V. readers: on my way home from getting groceries i realized that i should have brought my cocoa recipe to work with me, because i forgot a couple of ingredients. the first one was turbinado! how can you have delish hot cocoa without some sort of sweetener? was i high? no. just another case of "i can remember it on my own" failed miserably. the second ingredient is a pinch of clove powder. i made the corrections in the "outta this world" entry.


jen (aka jewbacca)

ps-i scored some vegan reddi whip at the food pantry! mostly chemicals, but still vegan. YAY! brand name is classic cream whipped topping.


Rahzh said...

It was reddi whip? They pride themselves on using real cream instead of hydrogenated oil. I would like to find some whipped topping that happens to be accidentally Vegan,but I haven't. So occasionally I have bought Soyatoo.

" What’s more, since our products are made with real cream and some others are made with hydrogenated oil, you can feel better knowing that you’re enjoying the best ingredients every time you top your favorites."

Rahzh said...

haha nevermind. You called it reddi whip at first (which is a brand name) and then I read your last line as if you were referring to it being creamy and classic. I wonder if I can find that brand!