Thursday, November 6, 2008

all i want for chanukkah...

let me preface this with the following: this ain't no food post. it is a rambling of some vegan shit i want. really. bad.

you know how it is in this country--after halloween has come and gone, every one is promoting the hell outta christmas. well since us jews don't have something as cool as santa, frosty, and rudolph-(we just produce all those awesome shows) we have to play up our lame ass choliday of chanukkah and pretend that it's just as cool as yours. eight nights of candle lighting and fried tater pancakes compared to an explosion of animatronic sparkly lawn ornaments, endless cookies, and a fat man that leaves you presents? the heebs just don't measure up. over the years i've come to making a list and becoming a leech that sucks off the the teat of x-mas. i call the list my chanukkah harry list.

and here's what i want:

cowhugger teeshirt from

bad assed shoes from

Vegan-a-go-go by Sarah Oh-So-Hot Kramer
Veganomicon by Isa Fuckin' Chandra Moskowitz


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

LOL when I was little, I wanted to be Jewish because my Jewish friends got to celebrate for EIGHT days. There was one boy whose father was Jewish and mother was Christian. We all envied him because he got the most presents!

P.S. I love getting emails :o)

Bianca said...

Ha! You can still celebrate Christmas too. I'm not Christian (Wiccan, actually), but I celebrate Christmas and even a little Chanukkah (the season isn't the same without a few days of latkes!). Really any excuse to celebrate, religious holiday or not, I'll take it.

Oh, and the cowhugger shirt is on my list too!

Susan G said...

I like that KMF alpha hydoxy stuff - it smells like fresh peaches!