Monday, November 24, 2008

whipped topping and butterflies

i received an e-mail from a reader that asked for clarification about my vegan whipped cream claim. yes, it really exists. yes, it contains no dairy whatsoever--just a bunch of questionable chemicals, which are vegan unless i haven't done my home work correctly. i'll double check with my animal ingredients a-z book tonight. the allergen information specifies this by stating that it contains soy. if it contained milk it would specify that in the allergen information because people get really cooky about their allergies and could/should sue companies that don't print this info on their labels. food allergies are real, yo! the brand name "classic cream" also makes a real whipped cream that does have dairy, but the product i found at the food bank is whipped topping. i hope none of you are confused. believe you me, i looked at the level several times before putting this in my bag.

in other blogging news, i've been awarded ye olde butterfly award by vegan view. (((dramatic award acceptance sobbing))) i'd like to thank G-d, the academy, and my momma.... seriously, i'm flattered someone thinks the blog is great, because i occasionally become plagued with self-doubt and wonder if i should axe this project. after all, i don't have a book coming out and oprah doesn't want to mimic my eating habits. i'd be lying if i said i wasn't a little jealous of my blogging buddies that get a nice patch of traffic. sigh.
so following the butterfly award rules, here are some blogs that i'd like to recognize. NOTE: a couple of these aren't vegan related, i just happen to really like them.
tofu mom- she has an awesome vegan blog, is on a mission to veganize omni comfort food, and takes the time to give little stories when she makes an entry. i really appreciate how she talks about being a vegan parent in her blog and clearly cares for her beautiful daughters. back in the day, i think i would have been a much better vegetarian and stayed a veggie if i had her as a maternal role model. then again, i think we're the same age, so she'd be my peer.
vegan crunk-i love the picture of bianca in the frumpy dress and wig, she posts really good food porn pics, and i can't get enough of her southern anecdotes.
CCV- this girl is ADORABLE. i'm really impressed with her cupcake decorating skills, and she shows pictures of all her meals. she is really good at representing all the vegan food groups, and i have never met someone who is SO in LOVE WITH GRAINS. she's really opened my mind. since coming across her blog, i've never looked at cereal the same.
random hag- i met miki many years ago via an ex of mine. she was a vegan warrior way back then and she's still one. her recipes really rock. she more than likely doesn't remember me, or is actively choosing to not remember me, because i was a major asshole when i met her.

nico's eats- nicole is a really good friend of mine and a fellow bloomingtonian. her site isn't vegan, but she shares my passion for really good food and does make a considerable amount of vegan and vegetarian items for an omni food blog.
whisk it good- this used to be called whisk like a motherfucker, then changed to something else, now it's whisk it good. i haven't known mari for very long, but i really have come to like her! she is a bloomingtonian (for now) but is moving to MI very soon. i'll be sad when she's gone. she is a real demon in the kitchen and makes tasty veggie/vegan morsels. in addition to her mad cooking skills, she is a roller derby girl, and musician! can you say triple threat?
i wish i could put all of you on my list as butterfly award recipients, but i just don't have the time! do know that i wouldn't put you on my roll if i didn't like you, and i come across new blogs that i really like every day. i'm so grateful for the vegan blogging community, because your love and support has really helped open my mind and enjoy my new eating choices.


Anonymous said...

You redecorated! I love what you've done with the place, but I just had to read your previous 5 posts again to remind myself where I was and who you were!! I'm very easily confused! >:o)

Joanna said...

i love me some whipped topping!!! my grocery store sells nothing even close to that beauty. there's a whole foods in my town, but it's really far away, so it's usually just a once a month trip. i'll have to check for it when i'm out there.

thanks for deodorant tips!! i never knew i could make my own!! i'm seriously going to try it over break.

Bianca said...

Ah, I'm honored! Yea for frumpy dresses! And on the whipped topping, I've heard about an elusive accidentally vegan whipped topping...but have never found it anywhere. It might be this brand. I look at labels of the stuff whenever I see it to see if it's the one...but never so.

I do love Soy Whip though. But it'd be nice to know that I could find a brand at a conventional grocery store when I'm visiting small towns like the one where my parents live.

Lindsay I-F said...

Hey if you want to get in on a future exchange i will probably be looking to get one going in February since we just are doing one now. If you want to though send me a note at and I will add you to the e-mail list for future exchanges

Bianca said...

Hey! I'm back. I just read your comment on my blog about the package exchange. This exchange was actually set up by Lindsay from Cooking for a Vegan Lover. She'd wanted to do a PPK swap (and so had I), but you have to be a regular commenter and since we tend to be lurkers on PPK, we probably didn't qualify.

Maybe later this year (or in early January since Xmas is gonna drain everybody's budgets), I'll organize a swap....or maybe Lindsay will make it a regular thing. It's lots of fun!!!

Bianca said...

Ha...guess I should have read Lindsay's response first...yea, what she said...I swear this is my last comment for this post...