Thursday, November 13, 2008

evening at the improv burrito

i made this burrito last friday night. i scored some yams, chipotle peppers, and salsa verde at the food pantry. i took some tortillas and made a burrito filled with yams, said peppers, and some pinto beans i had in the freezer. grilled that burrito good and topped with tofutti sour cream and salsa verde. holy cow that was delicious! i shall call it the "vegannifer" after well, vegannifer because she is notorious for doing amazing things with the contents of her freezer.

my fellow vegan blogging friends, i recently learned a harsh lesson. apparently i've been posting pictures incorrectly on my blogs-(with the exception of my own pictures). that pretty baked potato from a few posts ago was hot linked-(i don't even know what that means because i am so un-tech savvy) and the person's site it belonged to sent me a message that i construed as kind of shitty. so i posted a different picture of a potato, and continued to happily blog-(posting the adorable pic of the squirrel on skis) and i received an e-mail from this person telling me i was still doing it wrong, and i still thought they were being shitty. that's the problem with the inter can't see the person face-to-face to know if they're being shitty or not. anyway, it put me on the defense because i get embarrassed when i make mistakes, and i get angry when i feel someone is rubbing my nose in the pee-pee carpet about it. i thanked her for bringing the information to my attention and suggested she channel her energies elsewhere, because i can't imagine i'm the only one in the entire world that has done this. i don't want to have to go back over every entry i've posted in every blog i write and change all this. isn't it enough to know and understand my mistake and commit to not doing it again? how would you respond to this? why do people waste their time policing other people's blogs?

happy friday. now go make an improv burrito!

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Anonymous said...

That stinks. I think you handled the situation completely the right way. I've never heard of hotlinking and wonder if I'm guilty, too!

Thanks for the burrito shout-out! It does look incredibly good! Burritos are one of my favorite food groups. I wish I could say I was making use of stuff in my freezer right now, but I've been back on a grocery-store kick and have been buying too much new food! Needless to say, I'm not cooking a thing tonight and we're going to have a leftovers party.