Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vegan MOFO Day #13: Shane Vs.The Hercules Dog

 "I should have taken one or two hot dogs to go."

 I can't help but wonder if Shane might have been able to save himself from his cray-cray episodes if he had spent less time pining over Lori and more time shoveling vegan hot dogs from Naughty Dog in Bloomington, IN into his piehole. NOTE: clicking to link will show non-vegan food porn. He had the Hercules Dog (shown below) which is a vegan hot dog with tomatoes, hummus, and Giardiniera relish--all on a toasted bun.

This was a glorious mishmash of salty and greasy, perfect for those days when you want to elevate your blood pressure and fat intake in one sitting. His mistake was exercising restraint by only having one, which surprised me. Why hold back? You can't just have one, you need to have a second one, or sometimes a third. That's where the **magic** happens. Doing so could have potentially changed the course of apocalypse time for Mr. Wacko.
 Naughty Dog also has a laundry list of other vegan toppings-(including chili!) that make eating a regular nitrate mystery meat dog unnecessary.

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