Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vegan MOFO Day #11: Herschel's Red Velvet Pancakes

Oy, how I love me some Herschel. What a badass. What can't he do? Well, he's not going to release his recipe for red velvet pancakes, that's what. He's just too busy protecting his land and head butting Rick at camp 'Pocky. Then there's that puffy heart growing between Maggie and Glenn, he just can't stand it.
Here's what I will tell you about these pancakes: being vegan and all, they are colored not with red dye, but with Biotta Beet Juice. He's still tweaking the other ingredients so no beet flavor can be detected. This was met with some success, there's still something that's missing. I'm pretty sure a solid recipe will be released after MOFO. The frosting/syrup is made with some Earth Balance, Tofutti Cream Cheese, and some sugar. That also needs some adjusting. Rest assured, these were pretty good. Even the walkers in the barn took a break from killing to enjoy these. There's a rumor that they would consider going vegan, they just can't seem to give up their love affair with human flesh. They apparently haven't tried seitan.

"You sure as hell won't be eating any animals on my land."

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Jennifer Manriquez (Bankrupt Vegan) said...

I agree, Herschel is a total badass.