Sunday, January 1, 2012

OYMT: Day 1 Guess what?

Let me start out by saying this is a really lame entry. Not much funny going on, but I'm not going to worry about it. I just don't have a big ol' goofy story of how interesting it is to focus my day on other things besides eating cookies and candy.

I can't believe it. When I don't start my day with sweets I'm not ravenously hungry by 11am. I'm a little less crabby and more focused. I know you all are thinking DUH, but I guess I just needed to take this adventure to see for myself. I'm really bad about using the following sentence as an excuse: "Well, that doesn't apply to me because I'm not diabetic. So why worry?"

Well, I'm sick of feeling like crap in the mornings, and I'm sicker of being moody. I know there's a connection to the amount of sweets I eat and my moods. I know it.

I had hummus and bread for breakfast, a lentil loaf sandwich and an orange for lunch, and the macaroni and cheese from Vegan on the Cheap for dinner, along with some baked beans, and another orange. Again, I really don't like keeping any sort of a food journal so that part of this challenge is going to be tough for me.

So how about that mac & cheese? Not bad. It's a tofu and nutritional yeast based cheese sauce and I added some extra lemon juice because it tasted a little bland. It does the job, but there are other recipes I like better. It was good--don't get me wrong, but it was missing some zip. Most of Robin's recipes are super easy to throw together and this one was no exception.

I'm hungry right now, and I'm wondering what I should fix myself for a snack. What do you raw/ low/no sugar people do? This is typically cookies & milk time right about now. I'm thinking some hot cocoa, but my Abuelita cubes are sugar, fat, and chocolate-so maybe some oatmeal? A handful of nuts? I've never done something like this without everything blowing up in my face.

Remember, there are two ways to support this project, you can send a direct PayPal payment to or you can read the blog every day, like fifty times. I don't think that would be such a great way to spend the day, but I'd be flattered by the dedication.


Nikki said...

When I'm trying to not eat sweets, or eat more raw, I use frozen bananas for my desserts. You can make them into a shake with some kind of nut milk in a blender or turn them into soft serve in a food processor. All kinds of add-ins work for variety: berries, cocoa powder, nuts, etc. It really does the trick for my mega sweet tooth! Good luck :)

Love said...

DATES FTW! Dates are the ultimate candy. I don't need anything else when I want something sweet (I had a no sugar period and never really went back).

Lydia said...

That macaroni and cheese doesn't look bad at all.. Actually, it's making me quite hungry to look at!

Good luck with kicking sugar. I should do the same, because I am a diabetic (type 1, though, not type 2- it has nothing to do with diet) and it could only do me well to do so. (Not that I eat sugary stuff frequently..)

Bianca said...

I'm doing the Crazy Sexy Diet cleanse and I, too, must refrain from sugar for 21 days. Stay strong, sister. Stay strong.

Sharine said...

I like to make a curry pumpkin dip and eat it with slices of apple, pear, or even cauliflower florets. And it's so easy, just blend together canned pure pumpkin, a small amount of apricot all-fruit or sugar-free apple sauce, curry powder, a dash of garam masala. Refrigerate and snack on it all week!

I think bread products are problematic because they immediately turn to sugar in the mouth. So the cravings felt a couple of hours later is not a true hunger, only a crash after the sugar high wears off. I fill up on fruits, vegetables and beans at mealtime and don't have the faux hunger problem any more!

Anonymous said...

Nuts and seeds are great, especially if you toast them in the oven first!

And, OF COURSE...kale chips!