Friday, January 13, 2012

OYMST Day #13: How many days do I have left?

I'm such a dumb ass. WHY did I think this was a good idea? (((((insert the biggest nasal whine here)))) WHY????? I should have just called Operation Yank My Sweet Tooth Operation Jen Is Crazy For Not Eating Sweets for 31 Days instead. When it comes to stupid, I like to do it right.

I picked these up at the food bank and this is a nice lil' time machine--snack sized gelatin like things made with real fruit and without real hooves. I was amazed that I could pronounce and knew exactly what all 7 ingredients were! Yay! Made by Zensoy, these come in strawberry or orange and save you time hanging out at the stove with juice and that perfect mixture of agar-agar. Seriously, I had my doubts--but there I was, eatin' vegan J-E-L-L-O, saying to myself, "Hell, this ain't half bad!" I would imagine these would be really comforting if I were sick. Did anyone else have a momma that made them eat that when ill? I recall being 8 years old and recuperating from a tonsillectomy eating my weight in that stuff.

Like most vegan convenience foods, this one does come with a price: $3.49 for a 4 pack. Really? Yup. You'll have to decide if you'd rather spend this amount for saving time, or spend that amount for a packet of agar-agar at your local East Asian market, or much much more for the vegan gelatin at a health food store. If you ask me, I'm on the side of saving some time every now and then. Especially if it means I play some Katamari instead of eating cookies.

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