Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 is looming, and I'm doing something HUGE.

I have decided to do the unthinkable! With the new year ready to rip me a new one, I have made the decision to a) do more to give back to a world that has given so much to me and b) do that through food activism, or you can call it eativism, whatever. For the entire month of January 2012 I will pass all traditional desserts.

That's right, people. No cookies, cake, pies, ice cream, whoopie pies, candies, tarts, et al. Some people have a sweet tooth. I have sweetened DNA. If I don't start taking better care of myself you'll see my mug on TV advertising supplies for diabetes.

I initially dismissed this idea because I'm superdooperhooper anti-dieting. Like as in, I. Hate. The. Dieting. Industry. Do not be confused, this is no crazy thing to lose weight. I like my fat ass. You can read all about why I don't diet right here. I thought deeply about this decision and have made the choice to take on this challenge for a few reasons:

1. It's just not a good investment on my health to have cookies for breakfast, candy for a snack, and dessert for dinner and dessert. Laugh at me if you must, but I really do that about 3 days out of the week and the other 4 I'm grazing the land of chocolate. I'm a junk food vegan for sure. I hate even typing that.

2. Although I'm working class and part of the 99% in this country, I recognize that I'm still surrounded by privilege. What's that, you say? What I mean is this: it's easier to get processed refined sugary foods instead of quality whole foods. Most soup kitchens and food pantries in this country have the walls lined with prepared, starchy, and refined foods. I'm lucky enough to have one that focuses on nutrition education, many don't. American culture has turned the joy of eating on its head and bastardized what is supposed to be nourishing our bodies, and I for one am sick of it. I went vegan to get connected to my relationship with food. Now I just want to try to take it to another level. There's no better way to stick it to The Man by not giving The Fast Food Industry your money. Start a revolution with your fork.

3. Since I'm part of a group that doesn't have much money to give to charity, I can still find a creative way to earn it and get the attention of others. "Are you kidding me? Jen gave up cookies for a month? That bitch is cray-cray." The food pantry I utilize saved my life. I don't really think they understand how much they did, but they did. I feel permanently indebted to them.

So here's the scoop:

You visit the blog every day and increase my US impressions. I get $3 for every 1,000.
You can also pledge an amount per day, per week, or per month. Get a pool of people betting how I won't be able to do it. Send that $ via PayPal to $1 buys 7# of food for the food bank. No kidding! I'm giving to my local pantry, Mother Hubbard's Cupboard.

I start at midnight 1/1/12 and end midnight on 2/1/12 EST. There will be giveaways for a couple of books co-written by Celine Steen. So even if you aren't interested in my endeavor, try to win an awesome book for yourself.

So what WILL I DO? I'll post what I eat on a daily basis w/ pics. I might even take some videos. The rules are simple: no traditional desserts. I may have any of the following if I'm craving the cookie jar:

Fruit. Really? Duh.

Raw-style NRG nuggets made with dates, nuts, and no more than 1T of agave and 1T of dark chocolate for an entire recipe. I will not allowed to be able to eat this every day. The challenge is to push myself to eat more whole foods and get people to support me so I can give back to charity. Hell, maybe I'll even inspire YOU to find a cooky way to give money away that you don't have but desperately need.

I'll be traipsing' my way through Isa's Appetite for Reduction for inspiration.

How are you going to know if I'm really being honest? Trust me, you'll be able to tell if I've been eating snack cakes. It'll be written all over my face.

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Glo said...

Good for you for making a good decision for both your body and to help out the Food Bank - I follow you on my blog list so if you post every day, I'll be visiting every day! Best of luck and I admire your gumption!