Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finally! More Vida Vegan Con Coverage

Got the winter blues? Tell me about it. It ain't even close to being done yet, but I have something that will cheer you right the F up: more Vida Vegan Con coverage! I know I've talked about Joanna Vaught lovin' on mah 2# bag of soy curls. BTW, I only have a few cups left. I am in love with those things. I've made etouffee, chili, fajitas, and so much more with that stuff. That was my genius buy during the conference. I thought I'd re-post this pic because it is uh-dorable. And JV has a new book out, so like BUY IT with all that Xmas loot ya got.
And I know how I prattled on and on about the curried cole slaw during Joni Newman-(ME-YOW) and Kelly Peloza's-(Double ME YOW)cooking demo. Wanna pretend it's Summer? Make some slaw. Makes me wonder if there's a pickled version of it that you could have over some vegan sausages in the winter. Yum.

But did I ever post that dang video blog? Nope. Well here it is! Enjoy. Not a lot of food to see, but you get lots of self-absorbed nasally Midwest accent coated commentary from yours truly. You have to understand that going there meant the world to me. I entered not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 contests to try to get in to this coveted convention! I nailed it by baking a big assed cookie. It was a Vegan Cinderella dream come true! Well, minus the step mother and step sisters. I guess I never had to clean house for them. And no talkin' mice and birds. No pumpkin coach or silly Prince Charming either.

I guess it wasn't like Cinderella at all! You get the idea though, right?

The video blog ends abruptly when my phone rings at the airport. It ended up being my dad. It was kind of sad.

Please stay tuned as I have more exciting stuff to talk about and an upcoming giveaway for TWO cookbooks co-written by Celine Steen! Her food photography is just gorgeous, just gorgeous.

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Adam said...

Just watched the video -- I'm glad that you enjoyed the Vida Vegan Con in Portland.

I hope you have a great weekend ringing in the new year...