Wednesday, August 5, 2009


yesterday, i would have made an entry but severe storms hit southern indiana and we were without power for 11 hours yesterday. i considered it a blessing and a sign from mother nature that i needed to skip teh internets and get some much needed shut-eye. i slept from 8:45 pm to 6am! on a sad note, we had to throw away about $30 in food from our fridge. fortunately mr. jewbacca did the dirty work while i was toiling away at my job so i wouldn't have to cry about it. anyway, this entry isn't about sleep or throwing away food-- it's about waffles, awesome waffles! these are the banana nut waffles from veganomicon. they were tasty--but i experienced some logistical problems with the waffle iron. even though i sprayed it liberally with canola oil, the batter kept sticking to the iron. one set of waffles came out in pieces, but they were still very yummy.
i made these for a house guest-(our pal beff from lansing) who came over last weekend. i told her i was making her a special "beff-fast", and that made us all giggle. i scored some red raspberries and fresh peaches that were a bit beat up and need of some serious love at the food pantry. they washed up nice and were pureed into a gorgeous and bright raspberry peach sauce courtesy of my quisinart. i found the spreadable fruit to be much more interesting than maple syrup. i did add an extra drizzle of agave, but that's just my thang. the combination of berries, nanners, fruit, and nuts made for a nice saturday morning breakfast.

what is your favorite waffle recipe? or are you a pancake person?


Crystal said...

It's hard to say I think I like them all- but I have to say that the chocolate beer waffles from Vegan Brunch are pretty awesome- as well as the peanut butter waffles. Also- I love the old fashioned pancakes, and oatmeal pancakes from Laurel's kitchen.. mmmm.. I like working with the general blank canvas and adding stuff of my own to them!!

Sal said...

I'm a pancake person but only cuz I don't have a waffle iron.

I like my banana pancakes best. They are good with coconut milk and a bit of extra coconut added on top too!

Virginia said...

i like pancakes better if i am making them just because i don't have much luck with waffles..they always stick and my waffle iron is crap. if someone else is making them, im a waffle person all the way!

Sarah said...

I love the cornbread waffles from vegan brunch for savory.

I love the chocolate chip brownie waffles from veganomicon for valentines day or special occassion

I love the banana pecan ones that you just made - super filling!