Thursday, August 6, 2009

in memoriam

today is the yartzheit-(anniversary of death) of my sister-in-law melanie. help me celebrate the beautiful memory of her by eating some form of mac n' cheez with baked beans in the next 24 hours. in the true spirit of melanie, you should eat the beans on top of the mac n' cheez.

thank you for your support. i'll resume normal happy food posts tomorrow.


planet_jenn said...

I had beans and spaghetti, does that count? My thoughts are with you and Vince.

Anonymous said...

I ate them in spirit (tasting and sensing them in an eery way) since I can't have "normal" foods at the moment.

To you, Melanie!

My thoughts are with you.

Emmett said...

hmm, looks tasty! Nice blog! Tried to look for you on facebook.