Monday, August 24, 2009

k.i.s.s.=keep it simple, stupid

no-no-NO. not THIS KISS-(did anyone ever tell them to just leave that make up on?)! this k.i.s.s.:

for the record, i know i'm not stupid. sometimes i just forget to keep meals simple, especially with my expanding waistline and the growing baby in my belly. i'm only 25.5 weeks along, and i feel more and more drained every night. i haven't been cooking as much.

so here's a nice k.i.s.s. meal: a garlic bagel topped with my pesto sauce-(remember how i told you to freeze batches of pesto in ice cube trays? i used one melted cube for each side of the bagel) topped with cherokee purple tomatoes from my garden. i served it with a side of tomato soup and it was an awesome filling lunch.

what is your favorite k.i.s.s. meal?


Allysia said...

As someone who is also pregnant (32 weeks) I'm definitely down with your KISS theory. My energy for cooking (and everything else) has gone sharply downhill the last couple of weeks so I've been eating way simpler. At least being pregnant over the summer means it's easier to eat fresh!

My go-to meal, or one of them, is noodles. Any kind of noodles, with some veggie broth and veggies and/or tofu and/or whatever's in my fridge. Yum!

The Voracious Vegan said...

Keeping it simple is always a good thing to remember when cooking. I looove the way that meal looks, such an awesome combination of flavors.

pixiepine said...

Yum! My favorite easy meal is a PB & J sandwich and some cold apple slices.

Bianca said...

What a great idea! I have pesto cubes in the freezer now...oh, and I have some bagels in there too! I'll have to buy a yummy heirloom tomato, but damn, I'm gonna remember this for a quick meal!

Sahra Cayetano said...

My favorite KISS meal - heat a can of beans, stir in salsa and fresh spinach. Open a bag of Trader Joe's masala naan. Done!