Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Third time is a charm for brioche

One of the biggest fears I have is that I'll test for someone and have an enormous fail. I realize this is a horrible expectation because the title of Recipe Tester implies there will be some minor catastrophes. For Celine and Tami's sandwich cookbook, I wrestled with the brioche recipe quite a bit before I got it right.
For you folk scratchin' yer heads wondering what the hell brioche is-(don't worry, I did too!), lemme tell you about it: it's like challah had a wild n' crazy mating session with a croissant and had a loaf baby. Rich, slightly crisp on the outside and melt in your mouth buttery and spongy moist on the inside. My first attempt was a no, the second attempt was a slightly worse fail, and the third time was PERFECT. Thank the bread gods and goddesses.

This is the tofu n' greens briochewich from the upcoming cook book. Now, that tofu ain't your standard scrambly thing. There's some stuff in it that'll blow your mind. You'll buy the book, look at the recipe, and go "No way. There's no way those ingredients will work!" But you trudge the happy road of destiny and surprise your mouth. It's a deal maker.

HEY BETH! Don't forget to give me your information so I can mail you your copy of Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian! I'm giving you until the 15th to respond, or I'll move down the list and give the zine to someone else. Send your information to noexcusesprivatechef@gmail.com

PPS- If you're a hardcore PITA Vegan fan, check out my interview on All Things Vegan Radio in Bend, OR! The fine ladies from the show had an interview with me at Vida Vegan Con.


Erin said...

The crust looks fantastic, and I am very intrigued by the tofu.

Bianca said...

There's a lot of recipes in Celine and Joni's books that have ingredients that I would never imagine together. But they always turn out fantastic!