Sunday, November 6, 2011

Clinging to gardening season

The tomatoes have been put to rest, the land has been mulched, the garlic has been planted for a spring harvest, stuff has been washed, chopped, and stored in the freezer. The greens are still standing--this makes me feel alive. I'm happy when I can garden for as long as possible.

But soon this will end. What will I do? I have a small light system and I plan on keeping a tomato plant alive during the winter as well as growing some greens. I hope this works. I absolutely refuse to buy robo tomatoes.

Pictured above is the Talbot in a Jar from True Grub. I put it on some toasted farm bread and served it with a salad of greens from my very own condo garden. I am in LOVE with arugula. How could I have ignored this green for so long? I put it in just about everything, and I mean everything. Mr. J. got really mad the other night when he saw me snuggling with a bunch of it in bed. Tee hee.

PS- side note: people have asked me where I acquired my plate set. Get ready for this! K-Mart. That's right, K-Mart. Jaqueline Smith Collection.

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