Saturday, November 27, 2010

day#27: some things just don't need promotion

look, it's a piece of pie! sweet potato to be exact.
i mean, whadda ya hafta do to promote pie? absolutely nothing. pie pretty much sells itself, it needs no PR. hell, even mud pies look awesome enough to eat, until you eat some and then you realize duh it's just dirt. all hail the pie.

if you're a pie hater, i don't want to know you. i'm sure a few of you exist--you just haven't had really good pie yet. oooh, so you're a cupcake person? i'm not. i suppose you feel the same way about me. i hope you're not going to convince me it's hip to pay $4 for a fancy schmancy cupcake, because i'm not out to convert you. i'm happy you don't like pie, because there's more for me. pies 4 eva!

pies4eva is a post punk kitchen forum member, and i love her dearly. i met her on the playground, the parenting section of the forum. if you have little sweet potatoes, i highly recommend going there to read/share/vent any and all things parent related. screw those other parenting message boards.

so this pie--it's wolfie's pumpkin pie recipe from vegan-a-go-go. i subbed sweet potatoes for the pumpkin and used EB/oil blend for the crust. it was a really nice way to seal the deal on our thanksgiving dinner. the topping didn't turn out the way i thought it would. i envisioned more of a struedely like topping and it just sank in the pie. sugary and nutty morsels throughout the pie was really rad anyway, but not intentional. perhaps that happened because of using the potatoes? who knows.


Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Wolfie! I feel like I know her because her recipes are all up in Sarah Kramer's books. :) Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Kara Flowers said...

How do you make pie crust without butter? And what do use instead of eggs and evaporated milk, please?

Jen said...

@kara: that's easy- you can use trans-fat free spectrum shortening, earth balance-(vegan margerine), or i like to use a combo of cold vegan margerine and canola oil. the secret to a flaky crust is using super cold water. your dough crust should have little flecks of the butter or shortening in it.