Friday, November 12, 2010

day#12: i'm having a breakfast crisis!

i woke up from a nice 8 hours of slumber feeling lucky. my tummy was audibly grumbling. suddenly, the descendents "i like food"* blasted from the stereo with the volume up to 11. i ran around the kitchen in a wild frenzy and threw together this sandwich.
i shall call this adam crisis fridgey feng-shui. although i don't know adamcrisis from adam, i imagine he pulls this trick at least a few times per week. there is no real recipe for this jaw breaker, it's just anything you can get your hands on--a mean sweep of every shelf in your refrigerator. think hardcore-punk-rock-vegan-bastardized-big mac. this one is much healthier though.
two all lentil patties, veganaise, salsa, cheez, swiss chard, all on a whole wheat bun! who cares if it's not technically breakfast food. this gave me serious turbo fuel to motor through my day at the gardening store. think about all the other wheelbarrows of garbage most americans eat to start their day. is having a lunch type sammie really that bad? i think not.

*NOTE: i refrained from you-tubing the descendents song because they mention eating non-vegan food and didn't want to offend anyone. i personally like this band and sub some of the lines with my favorite vegan snacks.


Beckah said...

I like your style! This is I'll be implementing this soon... especially prior to grocery day. : )

amy said...

i like food! food tastes good!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

That sounds great!