Sunday, November 21, 2010

day#21: is butt kissing vegan?

that question has crossed my mind once or twice since i've started the mofo ppk cafe theme. technically, if the butt kissing were literal and it humiliated or brought suffering to an animal, then it wouldn't be vegan. the quest i've been on this month hasn't been an exercise in brown nosin'. i just really wanted to thank this awesome community for helping make veganism so fun, easy, and tasty. this is not the veganism i participated in a decade ago where i did it for all the wrong reasons, didn't know how to cook, and didn't really understand why i was making the choices i was making. i was doing it to be a follower.

my following days are over. i happily bang my own drum all day long.

there will probably be names that don't get mentioned this month and that's not intentional. there are too many people to mention that make every day life for me a blessing. i just lacked the time to come up with a dish for every single forum member.
this isn't a dish dedicated to anyone. this is someone's dish from their upcoming southern vegan cookbook. she was an active ppk member to my knowledge, but i don't think has come back since the remodeling. of course, i'm talking about miss thang--bianca from vegan crunk. featured above is her chickpea chipotle chili. it's as awesome as it sounds and looks. below is her jalapeno cornbread recipe that i cooked in my skull shaped muffin tins. i added black olives for the eyes and hot red pepper for the mouth prior to pouring the batter in the pans. they look like tasty zombies, don't they?
bianca's cookbook is supposed to come out in 2011, but i'm not sure of the date as of yet. i test for her when i have time and there hasn't been a recipe i haven't liked. thanks mizz crunky for showing me the ways of vegan southern eats, you are an adorable human being and always a source of laughter!


Bianca said...

Aww, thanks!! I'm honored! And I LOVE the skull cornbreads!! I must get a skull pan. Where'd you find that? Probably during Halloween time, huh? Damn.

BTW, I'm back on the PPK, but my name is now "Miss Crunk" instead of "Tofu Witch" because it's more fitting! I haven't been very active, but I'm there lurkin' in the shadows like a creepo. Cause I am.

Love you!!!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

And I wish I had skull muffin tins now!

Anonymous said...

Ahh! Those skull cornbreads look amazing! Almost too good to eat, almost.