Friday, July 17, 2009

getting my cookie quota

soooo, no one on this blog gave me any cookie suggestions when i asked for them. someone call me a whaaaaambulance! not to fear, i went to the post punk kitchen and started a thread in the kitchen called "help me jeebus, i'm in a cookie rut!" and got over 20 suggestions. the one shown above is from elouise: her peanut butter chocolate cookies. they were awesome and the best part is this: you probably have all the ingredients at home, right now. i mean it--go check, i'm sure you do.

these are very chewy flat cookies PERFECT for making ice cream sammiches. ms. elouise, did you ever think of that? you seem pretty smart so i'm betting a hot order of french fries and a cold pop that you have. i used soy delicious in mine and ((((((drooool)))))))) these were even better than eating them by themselves. i got 10 huge cookies out of the recipe and i think my spouse only got 2 of them. if you're not a piggy like me, and want to actually store some, i suggest using layers of wax paper between them because they will stick into one giant cookie glob, and you'll be forced (guffaw) to eat them in one lump sum.

happy weekend!

coming up next: more photos from vegan brunch


Eddie G said...

Those look like a sloppy, good mess :P

miss v said...

ice cream sammies totally take me back to childhood. super duper chocolate yumminess!

Becca Elouise said...

Glad you liked 'em! I have oft considered making them into sammiches but never have. Now I may have to soon.

Anonymous said...

mmmm icecream sammiches

Sal said...

oh yeah i have that recipe bookmarked - thanks for the reminder! they look ace.