Thursday, July 2, 2009

bananas for beans

don't have much time to write. i'm exhausted. how do i make time to cook between being mom, spouse, and full-time employee? well i cut corners by prepping things at night: measuring dry ingredients, soaking beans, etc. when i wake up in the morning, i use the one hour i feel really energetic to cook. above are banana nut muffins from vegan-a-go-go. i like this recipe better than isa's banana bread because it isn't as sweet. i love isa so--but that bread is like crack. i can have a couple of these muffins and walk away without wanting to sell everything i have for more. so take my making muffins from another cook book as a compliment, ms. isa.

ahhh, another picture of use for the toot toot train to stinkytown beans--nachos! i was thinking of chelsea while i ate these and wondered how many times a week she eats nachos. btw, i'm glad y'all love the name--i've been toying with what to call that concoction. i've leaned on sprinkling things with nooch instead of making a cheez sauce because i've been kind crunched for time lately.



nora said...

i always forget how good nachos are and then ppl like you remind me!

Eddie G said...

I'm all about nooching to save time :)

Anonymous said...

Toot toot!!! I want some nachos! We're cleaning out the pantries right now prepping for our move and we've got a god-awful number of cans of fat free refried beans...pee-ew!