Thursday, September 22, 2011

Desperate Nachos

Quick! I need nachos, like yesterday. This photo is awful by food porn standards, and most of my food photography is pretty lame, and I'll own it like Mike Tyson owns a tiger in The Hangover. No need to tease me.

A few weeks ago I couldn't stop thinking about nachos, but there weren't any chips in the house--just some chip shrapnel in a bag bordering on stale. I made them and ate them anyway. I call this meal Desperate Nachos. I put everything I possibly could on the pile of tortilla chip dust: daiya, leftover chili, avocado slices, and some of my signature ass of fire salsa. As I was scarfing it all down, I was reminded about one of my favorite literary pieces, Nachos from the Edge by Laurie Weeks. She recalls the time she made nachos from a postcard when there wasn't anything else to eat in her house but a block of cheese. Good times!

I'm so sad salsa season is about over, btw. I'm gonna live on the edge and attempt to take a cutting from one of my cherry tomato plants and keep it alive during the winter.

Tell me about your favorite Desperate Meal.

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