Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Craving chicken? No problem.

Move over KFC, meet the SFC! That's for Saves Friendly Chickens. Technically, I believe this is called the Crispy Chick-un Sandwich. Another fabulous recipe from Tami and Celine's upcoming vegan sandwich cookbook. Forget the Colonel's 11 secret spices--I'm pretty sure world peace could and would happen if everyone ate something in that breading each day. Seriously, you could dredge and fry a turd in that mixture and I'd eat it.

I don't think that would be very vegan, so I'll pass. But you get the idea, right?

The VVC countdown continues! Gonna go recycling and make my specialty batch of granola for Nicole tonight!


Bianca said...

Hmmm...are turds vegan? I guess not. They are an animal by-product...but turds aside, that sammy looks yummy!! And very, very un-turd-like.

Anonymous said...

To many vegans, turds actually WOULD be vegan -- just the same as breast milk or semen.

For many people, the problem is not that it is an animal by-product, but rather that animals do not give their consent. If a human is cool with you eating their turd without coercion or force, then why wouldn't fit in line with a vegan lifestyle that is centered on compassion?

mollyjade said...

There's going to be a sandwich book?! I'm so excited. And to think I didn't even like sandwiches pregan.

Anonymous said...

This looks awesome!