Tuesday, May 17, 2011

this dessert is the bomb

tick-tick-tick. your taste buds are gonna freak out! this was my original idea for the coconut bliss contest, but putting together these dessert treats was a logistical messy nightmare, so i went with that dessert taco.

i call these cookie dough bombs. the idea was to make a giant bon-bon of snickerdoodle cookie dough and chocolate cover a bite of coconut bliss very vanilla. very messy, but oh-so good!

by the way, when i plug a product on my blog, a) i really mean what i say about something being awesome or not so awesome and b) i get no kickbacks whatsoever. i don't wake up from my dreams of bowling with bob barker and weird al to find a fancy vegan care package on my kitchen doorstep containing goodies from companies that carry specialty products. i'm a vegan mom on a shoestring. i make i am constantly looking for things on sale, because i can't afford $6 for a pint of ice cream or $4 for a bag of specialty chocolate chips. do you hear me companies? betta recognize--please think of me when you hang out with santa claus, that's all i'm sayin'.
the best part was cutting them open. yum! to boot, gluten free baby, gluten free. the coating was made from enjoy life chips, the dough was Bob's Red Mill rice flour, turbinado, cinnamon, EB and a few splashes of soymilk.

i let the dough chill in the fridge for a few hours, rolled it out, and cut out little circles. i scooped small spoonfuls on the dough, and wrapped it up like a ball, then stuck back in the freezer while i prepped the chocolate. once the chocolate was melted, i stuck the balls with sucker sticks, dipped in the chocolate, put back on the plate, and stuck them back in the freezer for a second time.

verdict? with the patience of a saint and some more practice i could really refine these and make them better each time. this is the perfect dessert for someone who doesn't want to eat a whole pint of cookie dough ice cream, or if you really want to impress someone with a special treat.


SoundsLikeCanada said...

Those look so great, Jen! I will definitely give them a try.

Susan said...

This is a great idea, they sound delicious. :)