Thursday, May 26, 2011

here's one tough cookie who is gonna (hopefully) take the cake!

okay. i'm crossing my fingers on this one. i'm knockin' on wood. i'm findin' me a 4 leaf clover and all that happy crappy. here's my idea and finished project for vegtastic voyage's "no talent" vida vegan con ticket giveaway contest. for those of you just catching up with my life, you might ask, "what's a vida vegan con?" do you hear that sound? that's me rolling my eyes at you. it is the coolest gathering of vegan bloggers world wide in portland, oregon. this vegan "it" event of the year has sold out and i've tried everything shy of voodoo to obtain some ticketage.

first, i start with some dough: graham cracker dough from vegan cookies invade your cookie jar and the pie plate shortbread from the same book.
i let those doughs chill and have a snazzy hot photo of me to reference. i normally don't like pictures of myself, but that one i'm proud of. it was from 7 years ago!
i'm all about the process. something my art professors drilled into my thick skull. document the process, jen. okayokayokay.
starting to come together. food is a tough medium to work with. i forgot how much i hate sculpting faces.
here we are, face to face--the pre-baking. i like this better than the finished product.
ugh! i'm frustrated. i feel like i'm looking at one of napoleon dynamite's drawings. for the record, i always feel this way about my work when i've just finished. i end up being okay with it after a few days. turn that %&*(#!ng flash off! i made a vegan cream cheese icing and tinted it with cocoa. i also melted some vegan chocolate chips to paint the darker parts of the portrait.
a little ass kissing is perfectly acceptable. i want to go to vida vegan con! strawberries always tie things together and taste really good with shortbread.
look deep into my eyes. you are under a magical spell. eat well, have fun, and for the love of larger than life cookie self-portrait vida vegan con ticket giveaways, stay vegan!


Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

OH IT'S LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!@@&@^!

And best of luck dear!!!

sgcorrie said...

Oh my goodness! That's awesome!

Lisa is Raw on $10 a Day (or less!) said...


Anonymous said...

Great job! It looks fantastic!

Sarah-Lyn said...

LOL! Great job, and delicious too :)

I love that we both posted our process on our blogs ... cheers!